A Path for Lessening Resistance — Map

mind map for path for lessening resistance episode

A_Span (attempting not to preen): I went swimming twice in the past two weeks.
n-Span (easily overlooking above effort not to preen): That's very impressive!
A_Span: I'm using the theme of "finding a path for lessening resistance" (hesitates) you know, for something to think about while I'm swimming...
n-Span (without missing a beat): That's completely different than least resistance.
A_Span (obviously startled and taken aback): Holy cow, n-Span! That's very impressive!

A_Span does not do well with trying to exercise for the sake of exercise, in the sense of going to a gym to work out, or to get fit, to meet some goal of physical fitness. Yet, here it is, less than one year since she first joined a recreational fitness facility in order to attempt to learn a bit more about swimming, and she now has an appointment coming up for a fitness assessment.

The assessment is a prerequisite for arranging to hire a personal trainer. Here, about 50 previous incarnations of A_Span, as embodied by various scoffing and scathing pronouncements of what she would never in a bajillion years ever think to do, go crashing to the ground. Sacred cows hopelessly gored by a single, sheepish shrug: "Well, that was then, this is now..."

Right now, A_Span needs some amount of help with any number of things, including the fact that if she does not literally get a little more flexible, her aging muscles, tendons, ligaments, and who knows what all else, are going to be extracting a rather ominous set of dues. By all calculations, these will be far more than anything she'll have to pay for some young and enthusiastic exercise science student to take pity on her, even if bemused by A_Span's peculiarities. (If anyone mentions the word Olympics, I am as likely as not to say, with great finality: I loathe athletic spectacles.) As long as they help her figure out some exercises and activities she might have a hope in hell of incorporating into her idiosyncratic routines, so she doesn't seize up, atrophy and keel over before she ever really gets a chance to have any fun in life, she really could care less how weird and old they think she is.

A_Span (aside): Now that's impressive!

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