A Blue Moon Sky

A_Span has some favourite times. 8am is nice, especially on a Caturday. 10:30am is pretty good any day of the week, except maybe on Sunday. (Sunday is generally a day of dis-appointments.) 1:30pm has a certain something going for it. Sometimes 7:30pm and sometimes 11:15pm.

A year in review? Good. Annual review? Bleech.

Dinnertime, lunchtime, suppertime, tea-time, happy-hour, breakfast-time – none of these are particularly valenced one way or the other. If I’m hungry, I eat. So snack-time it is.

Winter-time, spring-time, summer-time. All yay, although poor fall, it gets overlooked there. But not here – all seasons, all tops.

Day-break, twilight, dawn, dusk, evening. Check. High noon? Weird. Switching between standard and daylight saving time? Kill me now.

The lead-up to a rainstorm, then the rainstorm, then after the rainstorm. The all-consuming anticipation of snow falling, the hope sometimes that it will never end (only because it always has). A snow-day? Talk about snow angels!

Any phase of the moon, whenever, however, wherever. A_Span might as well have been seeing Halley’s comet when first noticing the moon during the day. In the daytime! Practically high noon! Did adults know about this? If so, why weren’t we being told about it, instead of Moon equals Night? So any time, without fail, I get to see the moon during the day I always wish I could get a really nice photograph of it. Still haven’t yet, but with the help of a decent lunation (I did not know this word until today) calendar and some actual patience, some day I’ll figure it out.

Thus concludes 2017.

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